Glassforms For ‘The Museum Of The Future’

06 Aug 2019

Glassforms For ‘The Museum Of The Future’

A gleaming silver oval with an open center, almost like an eye keeping watch over Dubai growing city, The Museum of the Future is a unique incubator for futuristic innovation and design, set to become the worlds largest and most exciting home to tomorrows trends and opportunities.


Dubai is well-known for its modern glass-and-steel skyscrapers, however, Dubai’s new Museum of the Future, takes a groundbreaking approach to architecture and what it means to be a museum. It is certainly ranked to be one of the most complicated projects ever built.


The Glass challenge with the façade is that the calligraphy, which is a lovely free-flowing 3D form of glass, has to be broken down into flat panels of glass. So it’s all in squares, rectangles, trapezoids, and various other non-typical shapes as you follow a letter along multiple panels.


The calligraphy on the building is a key design feature with its several sentences of poetry that forms the glazing incorporated into the façade with a high degree of complexity, It’s not something etched onto the surface but is integral to the building itself.


The glass processing throughout the production steps have significant degree in complexity, starting with the cutting of asymmetrical glass panels then passing by strict parameters in the glass toughening under a temperature of 750C, laminating 4 glass panels along with 8 layers of SGP & insulating of inner / outer panels with a super spacer assuring a mild symmetrical edge despite the peculiar shape of the glass.


Guided by the ASTM standards double inspection to occur upon delivery of the glass units & upon installation in site with a well organized dispatch plan to follow as the glass must arrive by sequence to enable a smooth installation process.


Glassforms have so far supplied approximately 5,500 m² of processed glass, with 8mm Optiwhite Low Iron HS w/DFI Diamon-Coating #1 + 1.52mm SGP + 6mm PNA Super Grey Tint HS and 8mm Opti-white Low Iron HS w/DFI Diamon-Coating #1 + 1.52mm SGP + 6mm PNA Super Grey Tint HS + 16mm Super Spacer + 6mm PNA Energy Adv Clear Low E #5 HS + 1.52mm SGP + 6mm Clear HS.


Our team at Glassforms is committed to continuously deliver the highest quality processed glass throughout the project’s estimated completion by end of the current year.